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Hendrick "New" Horiz. Beam Saw, US-X Cross-Cut

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New/Used: NEW
Condition: With Warranty
FOB Origin: MA - Massachusetts

Product Details

The Hendrick US-X cross-cut Saw is the ideal solution for increased productivity in panel processing and applications such as trimming products to size and are requently used in cellular schemes for just-in-time and lean manufacturing.  Over 66% of a large panel saw’s production time is consumed executing cross-cuts after initial rip cutting.  The solution is to move the cross-cutting operation down line to the Hendrick US-X cross-cut saw.  Trimming glued up panels for door or drawer fronts. US-X cross-cut solution!  Available in both manual, computerized and fully automated material indexing.
  • Available in 28” or 50” lengths of cut
  • Variable speed saw carriage traverse
  • Scoring for chip free cutting of double sided laminate material
  • 3” depth of cut capacity for stack cutting
  • THK LM linear saw carriage guide ways
  • Full-length pneumatic pressure beam with safety shields both sides
  • Safety E-Stops on both in-feed and out-feed tables
  • Rotating control console for either right-handed or left-handed operation
  • Optional air floatation in-feed / out-feed tables
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