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Hendrick "New" Horiz. Beam Saw, Patriot SRP-3200x3200

BRAND NEW - with Warranty More details...

New/Used: NEW
Condition: With Warranty
FOB Origin: MA - Massachusetts

Product Details

The Hendrick SRP Series computerized horizontal panel saws are designed for high production requiring speed, versatility and precision accuracy.  The machine controller is PC based operating in Windows XP Professional.  A large 17” high resolution LCD with on board dynamic part graphic display aids operator machine interface.  Material optimization software is a standard feature.  The large hard drive enables large program storage capability and the machine can be linked to third party software packages, networks and remote diagnostics.  Table configurations include solid area with solid pusher fence for cross-cutting small parts.  Optional full solid back table surfaces with full length solid pusher fences are available for cutting thin sheets, rod or tubing and models with rear lift tables for automatic loading of material are available.  Pneumatic material grippers automatically pull material onto the back table and securely hold material during high speed indexing between cuts.  The pusher fence can be sent to position for absolute cuts (finished part size is between saw blade and pusher fence) or in incremental mode it automatically indexes your sheets of raw material between cuts and accurately compensates for the thickness of the saw blade with the finished parts pushed out of the front side of the machine.  Full-length pneumatic pressure beam fully encapsulates the saw blade for increased accuracy, safety and excellent dust collection.  Auxiliary hold-downs clamp material in place when the pusher fence indexes to the cut line to minimize scrap on the last cut.  An encoded side aligner automatically moves to the correct position to securely hold material strips against the squaring fence for precision cross-cutting.  A separate scoring blade ensures chip free cutting of double sided laminate materials. Saw blades retract below the table surface during the return stroke and while the material is being automatically indexed for the next cut cycle.  Similar to the side aligner the saw carriage is also encoded and automatically returns to the correct position for next cut to maximize productivity.
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Many table configurations available for easy material handling
  • Powerful saw blade motors
  • Up to 5” depth of cut capability (optional)
  • Independent scoring
  • PC controller with on board color graphics and material optimization software
  • On board machine diagnostics
  • Full-length pneumatic hold-down with auxiliary hold-downs for last cut
  • Excellent dust collection
  • Variable speed encoded saw carriage traverse by AC inverter
  • Encoded side aligner for optimized cross-cutting
  • High-speed material indexing and saw carriage traverse
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