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"New" SlipCon 2U-BBDD Top & Bottom Profile Denibber

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FOB Origin: Denmark

Product Details

The SlipCon "Perfection" 2U-BBDD brush sander is the latest innovation in sanding technology, featuring a patented combination oscilating sanding discs and top and bottom sanding drums. This sanding system allowes for whitewood or sealer sanding of both surfaces in one pass. Damatically increase production and decrease labor with one brush sander. This unique system leads to greater results for whitewood, stain, sealer and primer sanding for traditional and U.V coatings.
The work piece first passes over the first set of two large counter rotating spiral drums, then under a second set of two large counter rotating spiral drums and then under eleven rotating sanding discs. The sanding discs are mountrd on a disc-station that oscilates from left to right and back again. The rotating and oscilating discs sand across the grain, as well as with the grain and deep into the profiles. Every point of the work piece is sanded from all angles and directions. As a result, the work piece is sanded uniformly across its entire surface. The combination of the oscilating discs and drums will give you a perfect edge-break for whitewood sanding and allowes effective sealer sanding with no burn through. The "Perfection" sander is perfect for cabinet doors, face frames, drawer fronts, sheet goods, and much more.
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