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"New" Summit Lathe, SmartCut CNC

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Product Details

The Summit SmartCut Series II  CNC  Lathes are a new series of combination lathes available from Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing Corp.  The SmartCut is everything you expect, rugged and dependable with the precision needed for the finest finishes.  It combines CNC controls with handwheels for manual turning providing maximum convenience and economy.
SmartCut's standard Fagor 8055TC controller is self-teaching.  You can produce a part manually and with a few simple key strokes.  The controller stores the machining sequences and creates a part program.  At a later time, retrieve the program, enter the number of parts to be produced, and SmartCut does the rest.
SmartCut was designed for growing companies evolving from manual lathe operations to CNC and more sophisticated users who would like a simple, easy to use machine.  The control language is conversational or G-code, with on-screen menus and prompts to make programming virtually foolproof.  The Fagor 8055TC control is equipped with multiple ports for connection to off-line programming systems for more advanced users.  The combination of these control features and hand wheels enable you to use a single machine for one-off or prototype production; in a semi-automatic mode for small production lots; and in its fully automatic mode for medium length production runs.
The combination of CNC technology and manual capability in a well made heavy weight design, make the Summit SmartCut value leader in turning.
Fagor 8055TC CNC Control Features:
  • RS 232 C Serial Com Line
  • RS 422 Interface
  • 2 DNC Channels
Full ranqe of canned cycles
  • Turning (2 levels)
  • Facing (2 levels)
  • Taper Turning (2 levels)
  • Rounding (2 levels)
  • Threading (3 levels)
  • Grooving (5 levels)
  • Positioning (2 levels)
  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • ISO Programs (G-code)

Storage up to 5 MB (expandable up to 48 MB)

  • Inch/metric switchable
  • 11' color LCD with full alphanumeric keypad
  • Solid graphics with zoom
  • Edit in ISO or teach mode with background editing
  • Axis jog via pushbutton or handwheels
  • Constant surface speed
  • Versatility:
    • It is a DRO when working manually
    • It is a motion controller when performing semi-automatic operations
    • It is a full powered CNC control for automatic operation

Ease of operation

  • Operations defined by symbol keys
  • Interactive graphic data entry
  • Fully automatic operating modes
  • Minimum set-up time
  • 256 tool magazine
  • Tool data back-up while CNC off
  • Part operation sequences storage
  • Automatic part repetition for lot work

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